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Monday, January 14, 2008

Wasted Electrons is 5 years old today!

How long is that in internet years? Its hard to believe it but I've been doing my part to clog up the interweb tubes with my drivel of puny movie reviews, scooter excitement, familial ups and downs and reports of dumbasses making their efforts public for all of us to ridicule. Since cranking up the Wasted Electrons World Headquarters in the basement closet of my humble abode, I've reported on my efforts as a Park University student and subsequent graduation, guns I've bought (and lost), medical emergencies for myself, my spouse and my mom and a couple of vacation ventures outside of my adopted state of Utah. I've told of my work travails and successes, days skiing and welcoming guests at Powder Mountain Ski Resort and trips to the Utah desert for jackrabbit shooting trips with my family and friends.

I've met some great friends through Wasted Electrons, both online and in the flesh and there are several more online friends that I hope to greet in Real World style in the future. I've convinced my dad and my sister and my buddy Kenny to start their own blogs but can't even convince the BSU to read Wasted Electrons. So I can pretty much say what I want here without her caring about what I'm spilling to the world. Five years in and she still thinks WE is a silly waste of time. Which of course, it is.

But, it still pleases me and I hope reading this blog occasionally pleases you too. I wish I could tell you that there would be more goodness spilling out of the palatial Wasted Electrons World Headquarters, (I'm no longer hostage in the basement closet) in the future but mostly what you will get if you keep coming around is more of the same simple dreck. Its an election year and so I might crank up my snarkiness towards the woeful bunch of underachievers calling themselves candidates. That shouldn't be too difficult. I also intend to become more active and more vocal in my support of gun rights activism and to do everything I can to defeat bad laws as our local and national politicians figure out how to impose their will on me and you.

So keep coming back please and invite your friends. There's room enough for everyone in WE World and when you're here we can sit back and tell each other our favorites stories.

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